Solving B2B event lead generation

An 18 year problem

Over the last 18 years, Hew Leith, Atomley’s founder, saw the same problem happening with B2B events. Whether it was 3M, American Express or Spotify, when his clients ran or sponsored events, it always proved difficult to identify which attendees were genuine leads.

Setting up and running events is hard enough. But then you have to engage attendees on the day, identifying who wants to continue the conversation afterwards. There doesn’t seem to be a right time to ask these awkward questions, and no one wants to come across as if they’re ‘hard selling’. And if there isn’t an opportunity to have these conversations, following up after the physical event or webinar is also tricky...

Response rates to post-event surveys and emails are often in the single digits. This results in lots of painstaking work to qualify each attendee manually with Linkedin searches.

Everyone wants leads

With all this time and effort put into events, coming up with strategies to generate leads at webinars and live events often get pushed down the agenda. This is a shame as internal budget holders will candidly tell you that the one thing they all want from events is leads. If owned and sponsored events don’t deliver ROI, then what’s the point of doing them?

Better B2B events

Hew saw history repeating itself and thought there must be a better way to generate leads at B2B events. So he created Atomley to help sales, marketing and attendees get more value from B2B events.

Hew Leith, Founder & CEO

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