Frequently asked questions

How Atomley works

Q. Does Atomley replace our existing webinar platform?

No, we’re not a webinar platform, we’re a surveying platform that works in conjunction with any webinar software.

Q. My event is happening today! Can I still use Atomley?

Yes you can. If you’ve used Atomley before, you can simply duplicate an existing event and be ready in 30 seconds. Or just create a new event from scratch which can be completed in 5 minutes or less.

Using the Charity Thermometer

Q. Where do I find the Charity Thermometer?

Simply click the Thermometer button, which is found in the Resources tab of the Atomley dashboard. Location: Atomley dashboard>Your event>Resources>Charity Thermometer button

Q. When should I display the Charity Thermometer?

For best results, display the Thermometer during your Q&A. Keep it onscreen for the whole Q&A.

Your webinar platform will overlay the video thumbnails of your panelists / speaker so the audience can still see them and the Thermometer at the same time. Plus the Thermometer is silent so it won’t interrupt your event.

Q. How should the webinar host use the Charity Thermometer?

How the webinar uses the Charity Thermometer is vital to maximising survey completes. You need a cheerleader who can explain what is going on and the importance of completing the survey. Here are 3 steps for webinar hosts:


  • Before the webinar kicks off, tell attendees about the charity donation. Detail the charity and the good it does


  • Tell attendees the Charity Thermometer is coming up soon (usually 5 mins before Q&A but it depends on what you've set in the dashboard). Let them know they can access the survey by:
    • Checking their SMS and email inboxes (if you uploaded these details to the dashboard)
    • Scanning the QR code, which is on the Thermometer
    • Clicking the URL shared in the webinar chat
  • Copy and paste the survey URL into the webinar chat (see: Atomley dashboard>Your event>'Resources' tab)


  • Load Charity Thermometer in your web browser (again, it's in the 'Resources tab), maximise the screen (top right button) and share it with attendees. Ensure your mouse pointer is out of the way. Press spacebar to start the animation (you only need to press it once). The animation takes exactly 30 seconds from when the spacebar is pressed to displaying the results, therefore, the host needs to fill this time by telling a story about an individual who the charity has helped (research shows personalising / humanising this story massively increases donations).
  • Keep the Charity Thermometer on screen throughout the whole Q&A (approx 10 - 15 mins)
  • Halfway through the Q&A, share the survey URL in the webinar chat again
  • At points throughout the Q&A, mention the Thermometer, recap the total amount donated so far and celebrate those who completed the survey. Encourage non-completes to donate to a good cause

Finally, we strongly recommend a rehearsal using all of the above steps. One of our customers does five rehearsals before every webinar.

Survey general

Q. Where do I find my attendee survey?

You can copy the survey URL from the Resources tab in the Atomley dashboard. Location: Atomley dashboard>Your event>Resources>Survey URL

Q. How do you know who completed each survey?

For responses that come from webinar chat or the Thermometer QR code, we add two questions at the end of the survey which asks for first name and last name. Then we take the list of registrants you originally uploaded and match the two datasets, this means you always have complete visibility of who the responses came from.

Q. Why are some of my survey responses not being recorded?

Surveys need to be submitted by the attendee to record a response. Therefore, you must remind each respondent to press ‘Donate now’ at the end of the survey. If they don’t press the button at the end or fail to complete the survey, Atomley won’t record their response.

Q. Do attendees need to download an app or login to access the survey?

No. They just need to click a URL. No download or login needed.

Survey questions

Q. Can I create my own questions?

Yes. Atomley gives you the opportunity to add two questions to the end of the survey. One is a ‘thumbs up / thumbs down’ question, the other is multiple choice.

Q. Why can’t I amend all the text in the survey questions?

Atomley provides a lead generation template, not a blank survey tool like you’d get with SurveyMonkey. It means you can create a survey in 2 minutes and your attendees get a great experience with a survey that only takes 60 seconds to complete. These questions consistently work and deliver sales opportunities.

We want to provide questions that deliver results. We don’t want to be another tool used to conduct 'analytics theatre'. By providing a template, it speeds up the process for everyone, even those with no sales experience.

Atomley’s survey questions have been crafted by senior sales leaders from firms like Microsoft. Then they’ve been tested over hundreds of events. We even interviewed attendees after each event to see why they gave the answers they gave, then tweaked the wording to see if they answered differently.

Q. Can you swap the questions around?

No. You can’t amend the question order. Our data shows these questions perform best in this specific order. A team of experienced sales leads have crafted and tested the questions in various orders and this one works the best. For example, take these two questions: a) Would you like to redeem [insert pre-sales offer] b) Could [insert company] help with any issues you face?" If the order of these questions was reversed you’d simply prime your respondents to say no to both options. "I just told you that you couldn’t help with anything, so why are you now asking me to redeem a pre-sales offer?!?" They end up hitting no to both. The question order we have gives you a better chance of booking a meeting with respondents by asking the pre-sales offer question first, followed by the ‘catch all’ question.

Q. What happens if attendees don’t give me their name or give a false name?

This is an extremely rare occurrence. However, the best solution is to upload registrant details beforehand. That way the survey doesn’t need to ask for their first and last name because the system creates a unique survey URL for each attendee. Their details are then simply passed through to the Results page of your Atomley dashboard without them needing to say who they are in the survey.

If you didn’t upload their details and you’re worried people will submit a fake name, your host will need to remind attendees that you can only make charity donations for surveys that have been completed with real names.

Survey distribution

Q. How is the survey distributed to attendees?

The survey can be accessed in four ways:

  1. Webinar chat: you’ll need to post the URL with a message in your webinar platform’s chat functionality. Example message: "Complete this 60 second survey and we’ll donate £x to [charity name] on your behalf: [URL]"
  2. QR code on the Charity Thermometer: attendees scan the QR code with their phones and are taken to the survey immediately
  3. SMS: if you’ve uploaded mobile phone numbers to Atomley, they will be sent an SMS with the survey URL, at the time you specified in the dashboard
  4. Email: if you’ve uploaded email addresses to Atomley, they will be sent an email with the survey URL, at the time you specified in the dashboard

Q. What happens if I upload my list of registrants to Atomley but some don’t show up to the webinar, do they still get sent the survey?

No-shows will still get sent the survey if not deleted from the Atomley dashboard. Obviously, you don't want to send a survey to those who registered but didn't show up. Therefore, 5 - 10 mins into the webinar, you'll need to delete any no-shows from the registrant list in the dashboard.

You simply need to mirror the names shown in the webinar platform with those shown in the Atomley dashboard. Atomley lists them A - Z by first name, which is how the webinar platforms do it so it's easy to match up names.

Here’s a video showing how to do it:

Q. What happens if I don’t have mobile phone numbers or email addresses for attendees?

You can still use Atomley without attendee details. If you don’t use SMS or email, your results will only include ‘first name’ and ‘last name’ which can then be matched with your attendee list after the event.

Remember, more distribution channels equals more responses. Therefore, we recommend getting their contact details before each event and uploading them to the Atomley dashboard.

Finally, if you haven’t inputted their details into the Atomley dashboard (e.g. job title, company name, etc.), you will have to add these manually afterwards by matching up their first and last names with the details you have on file. Again, we recommend uploading their details beforehand, it’ll save you time.

Q. Can Atomley post the survey link in my webinar platform’s chat box automatically?

No, not yet. Some of the webinar platforms’ APIs don’t allow for this currently. Until they do, you’ll need to copy the URL from the Atomley dashboard (see the Resources tab) and paste that link into your webinar chat box so attendees can click it.

Charity donation

Q. Does Atomley donate to charity automatically?

No. At the moment you have to do it manually. That said, many of our customers have reduced the work involved by batching the donations and them making them every 3 - 6 months (e.g. adding up the total amount over all the webinars they had during that time period) and giving this job to someone junior or the team who looks after the company’s charity partnerships.

Q. How do I select a charity?

Many Atomley customers select a charity which they already work with. For example, they often have a charity partner, which is changed every 12 months. This would be the first option. If your company doesn’t have a charity partner, we recommend selecting a charity which is helping to solve a big problem which has recently been in the news. This is a good resource to find a charity you can support.

For best results, select a charity that your attendees can relate to. For example, if you’re targeting CIOs, find a charity that was set up by a CIO, like Cancer Central.

Q. What if we can’t afford to make a charity donation for every webinar?

You can turn off the charity donation feature, if required. However, this will dramatically reduce the response rate. Some options include: reducing the donation per complete (e.g. reducing each survey complete from $5 to $3) or using Atomley for certain webinars. At the end of the day, you’ll need to weigh up how much a sales opportunity is worth and work back from that.

Data regulations

Q. Are you GDPR and CCPA compliant?

Yes. We created Atomley for GDPR. We believe regulations like GDPR and CCPA are good for customers and B2B firms as both parties get what they want. Customers can choose to connect, while companies get better quality leads. So we designed a system that enabled attendees to opt-in to things like pre-sales offers, giving companies the permission to contact them. By allowing your attendees to ask for follow ups, they ‘lean into’ continuing the conversation with you. Rather than following up a list of names, you’re now prioritising those who actively want to talk to you, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Q. Do you comply with all the data protection regulations?

Yes. We comply with the world’s strictest data protection regulations. The quick answer is there are two opt-ins. Your attendees give you (and your third-parties (i.e. Atomley)) permission to process their data, when they register for the event. Finally, Atomley gets opt-ins from attendees when they complete our surveys which allows us to process their data and share it back to you (you also give us permissions when registering for Atomley).

Here’s the longer answer: when anyone registers for one of your events, they agree to your privacy policy (if you don’t have one, you need one to be compliant). By registering for the event and agreeing to your privacy policy, they give you consent to share their information with third parties. Third parties typically include:

  1. Webinar providers (e.g. Zoom)
  2. CRM providers (e.g. Hubspot, Salesforce, etc)
  3. Email providers (e.g. Google, Microsoft)
  4. Spreadsheet software providers (e.g. Excel = Microsoft)
  5. Event technology providers (e.g. Eventbrite, Meetup, Atomley, etc.)

Therefore, attendees opt-in to you using all these technologies, under the banner of 'third parties'. If they didn't do this, you couldn’t use CRM, run webinars or even open a spreadsheet with registrants’ details.

When it comes to any third party software providers you use to deliver the service to attendees (e.g. Zoom, Eventbrite, Meetup, Atomley, etc.), they have similar opt-ins which attendees agree to when interacting with their technology. This allows them to pass attendee data back to you because you grant us permission when registering for Atomley. For example, attendees completing an Atomley survey or companies registering an Atomley account must both agree to our privacy policy, terms and conditions and cookie policy.

CRM and marketing automation integrations

Q. What CRM platforms do you integrate with?

We have integrations for all major CRM platforms, like Salesforce and Hubspot.

Q. What marketing automation platforms do you integrate with?

We integrate with all the leading marketing automation platforms such as Pardot, Marketo and Eloqua.


Q. Some of my internal team has completed the survey and skewed my data. How do I remove these junk responses?

It’s easy. Simply select the Results tab in your event, then select ‘Responses’ and select the ones you want to delete and click the Trash icon.

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