Generate leads in 6 easy steps

  1. 1. Setup webinar & survey

    Setup the webinar in the Atomley dashboard or use your marketing automation platform instead. Draft lead gen survey questions by completing the template provided. You can even invite your team to co-create the survey questions with you.

  2. 2. Survey sent during webinar

    Attendees receive the URL to your lead gen survey via: 1) SMS 2) email 3) webinar chat 4) QR code (the Charity Thermometer features a QR code which attendees can scan to access your survey.)

  3. 3. Display Charity Thermometer

    Set the donation amount in the dashboard (e.g. $5 per survey complete), load the Charity Thermometer in your web browser, then share your screen during the webinar for attendees to view progess in real-time.

  4. 4. Attendees complete survey

    Attendees complete the 60 second survey on their mobile devices, ideally during the webinar Q&A so they all have time to complete it. There’s no need for them to register, login or download an app, they simply click a link to complete the survey.

  5. 5. Live results

    Results are available in the dashboard with individual, attributed responses. Reports can be exported as XLS or PDF while Atomley’s integrations will pass data through to your CRM or marketing automation platform.

  6. 6. Any non-completes set survey reminder email

    Finally, if you have any attendees who didn’t complete the survey, they will automatically be sent an email reminding them to complete it after the webinar has finished.

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